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DJ4LIFE Artist Management - Dj Management Agency, Dj Talent, Booking DJ Agency- Worldwide DJ Bookings, DJ Agent for bookings in Arizona,  Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, San Diego, Chicago, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Hong Kong, New York City, Dallas, Austin, Boston,  Dj Lessons

Dj Management Agency, Dj Talent, Booking DJ Agency

DJs are not "born" they are "made", and with strong marketing support, contacts worldwide, your career in Music industry can take off much faster. (i.e. more gigs)- Tall Sasha, Oct 2012

DJ4Life Agency and Talent Management strives to provide new and upcoming DJ's a local and worldwide exposure, talent management and marketing services to clubs and promoters through our extensive database of worldwide contacts.

We get inquires on regular basis from clubs / promoters looking at new talent due to success of our sister branch, DJ4Life Academy. With our vast network of industry contacts and partners we tend to assist talented DJ's (often our own top graduates) across the USA and world.

Having your own agent representing you in music industry in dealing with clubs/ promoters/productions is prestigious in DJ world, almost every reputable DJ has an agent/agency.
DJ4LIFE Agency and Talent Management has vast experience, reputation locally and Int'l (DJ4Life Asia Tour) and works closely with clubbing brands like Supperclub (Rome, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Singapore, San Francisco, Los Angeles), Ruby Skye, San Francisco, Ministry of Sound, Babyface in Beijing, China, etc.

We are primarly focused on marketing up and coming DJs to 2,000 clubs worldwide.







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