Remember that night at the club when the music was so hot, you just had to dance?
Remember thinking, "Man, that looks like the greatest job around. I want to learn to do that!

At DJ4Life, we're ready to turn those dreams into reality.

What can DJ4LIFE do for you ?

At New York City DJ4LIFE, you will learn the fundamental skills of first-class dee-jaying. From elementary record or CD spinning to the complexities of scratching, hot-mixing, and beat-matching, DJ4Life will teach you the inimitable art of creating an a sound experience--perfectly timed, beautifully balanced, and ultimately unforgettable.

DJ4Life is the ONLY DJ school where you will have not just one—but three opportunities to perform in front of LIVE AUDIENCE AT A REAL CLUB!

Yes, you read that correct.

All DJ lessons are one-on-one in private settings or sometimes in a real club depending on location which means faster learning through individual attention.

dj class New York City

  • More credibility! At DJ4LIFE, you’ll learn from one of the best in business—international DJ Rex and Jason Kwan, who have inspired crowds from Tokyo to Taipei, Sydney to Seoul. You can rest assured you’ll be learning from the best. Limited availability, we can accept maximum of 4 new students every month.

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How Does DJ4LIFE Classes Work ?

At DJ4Life program:

Beginner DJ, 1.5 - 2 hours each class, 3 weekly sessions:Total $399. Learn the ins and outs of the DJ booth and the basics of selecting music, mixing, and much more.

Junior DJ: 1.5 - 2 hours each class, 3 weekly sessions,Total $499 Mix your own demo, master the art of beat matching,and refine the skills learned in Level I.

Performing DJ—1 prep session, 3 gigs, no set time limit:Total $499 The ultimate in dee-jaying—and something you’ll get from no other DJ school! You’re takin’ it to the stage in three unique opportunities.

At DJ4LIFE, starting out is simple: we provide all the equipment. The only the thing you need to bring is your passion—and the music you are most interested in working with. Your instructor, will then teach you how to mix your favorite tunes with the beats and flow needed to create an unforgettable evening or event.

  • Session is at Instructors Studio
  • One on One class
  • Flexible Schedule
  • We provide the equipment
So does DJ4LIFE classes actually work?


Learn to Dj with dj lessons from DJ4LIFE AcademyD:FUSE: DJ, drummer & producer, with over 10 artist albums, and more then 50 original releases, Lost Angeles Recordings label co-founder and an all around great and inspirational mentor !

According to Paul Oakenfold: “"D:Fuse represents what I admire most: he’ has worked hard for what he’ has achieved, he’ is a fantastic DJ and artist, he has a creative mind to understand the whole vibe.”

D:Fuse’s philosophy is quite simple: “Music has saved my life and all I want to do is to pass my musical message to the public and I want to give something back in return with teaching at DJ4LIFE .


  • More opportunity to learn!
  • More credibility!
  • More convenience!
  • More time to perform!
  • More technology!
  • More reality!

New York dj class, ManhattanConvinced yet?

At DJ4LIFE, starting out is simple. The only the thing you need to bring is your passion—and the music you are most interested in working with. Your instructor, will then teach you how to mix your favorite tunes with the beats and flow needed to create an unforgettable evening or event.

  • Weekly sessions at Instructors Studio
  • One on One instruction
  • Flexible Schedule
  • We provide the equipment
  • Location: Manhattan
Quick, only 1 spot left !
How did DJ's become so popular?

How did it all start, anyway? DJing became extremely popular during the 70's. Turntables were made available for everyone, and Disco was extremely popular. But, when the 80's arrived, people became tired of disco. DJs still played disco music, but it didn't catch on anymore. DJs eventually started using drum machines and synths to produce their own music, and Techno and House music became popular. During the late 80's and early 90's, clubs and raves became wildly popular. DJs became bigger and bigger and had total control over large crowds of people.

Today's world

Many DJs and electronic music producers are known throughout the world, such as Zedd, deadmau5, Daft Punk and others. DJs also perform during the iHeartRadio Music Festival and on the radio. Many people make a living from DJing, and others DJ just for fun.

Quote of the Day

" The very nature of creativity is coming up with things that have never been tried before." Shelly Lazarus

Dj class and Dj lessons from dj4life
What Our DJ Students Say

I just finished my Level 1 classes and trust me, they felt like the best "rush" I could get. If you love music, what's a better aphrodisiac than mixing all of your favorite tunes together, sharing the love with people and passing on the energy to them? 

Thaiagra Testimonials
Charlotte, 23
San Francisco, USA

Because these are one-on-one classes, you get "all" the hands-on time and you get all the instructor's attention. If you have any questions, they get answered right away. Anytime you want a technique demonstrated, it's done. I really appreciate having the opportunity to stand beside a talented DJ and observe how he does it.

Thaiagra Testimonials
Peter, 31
Miami, USA


DJ4Life has been so inspirational for me! you get experience with a real life DJ and get hands on experience with real life club equipment that's actually used in clubs. I'm so happy with how experienced the instructors are and how willing they are to help you along with buying DJ equipment to any questions you have outside of the class. I couldn't have asked for more.

Dj lessonsTestimonials
Wesley, 25
Los Angeles, CA


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