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Released: 2013

Viewing period: 1 week

Duration: 90 minutes

Content: 24 Chapters (Powerpoint and Voice)

Region: Worldwide

Price: $39.00 (Full Video)

Here is the list of REAL student reviews written on Yelp:


I just finished my Level 1 classes and trust me, they felt like the best "rush" I could get. If you love music, what's a better aphrodisiac than mixing all of your favorite tunes together, sharing the love with people and passing on the energy to them?

Because these are one-on-one classes, you get "all" the hands-on time and you get all the instructor's attention. If you have any questions, they get answered right away. Anytime you want a technique demonstrated, it's done. I really appreciate having the opportunity to stand beside a talented DJ and observe how he does it. Link to this review

My wife and I took a series of classes from DJ D:Fuse in LA and I have to say - These guys are the BEST! We learned so much in such a short amount of time. DJ Fuse is patient and continues to encourage us as we work as professional wedding DJs for a living! We are looking forward to signing up for the intermediate course in 2013. Thanks again - you guys are the best!
Level 1 was a blast. I will certainly return for Level 2 and 3 after I purchase my own equipment! Link to this review

Best investment. One-on-one training. Take you by the hand and Dj-by-the numbers. Great support network. Diverse backgrounds of the alumni. Like traveling to a different country every time we get together. Cheers!!!!!. Practice & Enjoy!!!!! Link to this review

John R.
DJ4Life will turn your dreams into reality.I was a total beginner when I signed up for DJ4LIFE and after the sessions, I am now playing gigs and making mixes for all to hear! This is truly a great community of music enthusiasts and DJs. You will not be disappointed if you attend DJ4LIFE Academy. Link to this review

Mert M.
If you are seriously into DJing and want to play somewhere besides your bedroom, then you should definitely attend DJ4Life Academy. DJ Tall Sasha, founder of DJ4Life, gave me the experience I needed in San Francisco. He is a great teacher and awesome DJ, and loves to share his experiences with newbies.

To me DJing is not only about how good you play but I would say more about networking. Meeting new people in DJ4Life academy, expanding your network and getting your name out there are the biggest benefits of joining this academy. You can make good friends here, partner up with them and even throw your own parties and gigs.

I highly recommend joining DJ4Life, if you really want to play your music and become a real DJ! Link to this Review

Darrin B.
I decided to select DJ4Life to pursue my DJ learning experience immediately upon meeting international DJ and Producer Tall Sasha I found him to be extremely professional, passionate about the art of spinning music, friendly, talented, and a great instructor. During my sessions with him, he was very attentive and showed me various skills of spinning music including beat matching, song selections, scratching, and sound editing. He showed me how to use the equipment to match my style of music to create my own sound. He provided both a very positive and critical learning experience. The classes with Sasha were offered in a loft environment featuring a custom DJ booth, state of the art Pioneer equipment, excellent sound, and a very comfortable and fun setting.

I also took lessons with the Music Director of Supperclub Michael Anthony. These sessions provided opportunities to spin on equipment used at Supperclub and allowed me to meet yet another influential and successful person in the industry. Michael was full of energy, talented, very complimentary of my learning abilities, provided constructive feedback, and is great person to know. Being able to learn from two different instructors was very beneficial. After 4 lessons, I was able to perform at the internationally renowned venue Supperclub. This experience provided priceless time to spin in front of a live audience. It was awesome!

I would highly recommend DJ4Life to anyone that is interested in becoming a DJ as a profession or hobby. The lessons included five two hour private sessions and opportunities to spin numerous times at Supperclub. Gaining the experience of actually spinning at a club will certainly facilitate my ability to spin at other venues. After my lessons were over, I was told they will provide references and assist me in obtaining my own gigs! Sasha and Michael said they prefer to stay in touch with their students to ensure that their experience with DJ4Life provides the opportunities to pursue our goals of becoming amazing DJs...4 LIFE! I also plan on taking the Music Production class that is offered so I can learn how to mix my own music.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact me. Go for it! Link to this Review.

DJ Rubia:
I was thoroughly pleased with my instruction at DJ4Life Academy. Tall Sasha and his teachers conduct 1:1 classes in a professional manner that combine state-of-the-art DJ techniques, personalized coaching, a hands-on approach, and a ton of fun. When I entered the class in November '08, I had never even touched a mixer and I barely knew what a CDJ was. All I knew was that I loved music and wanted to share it at a new level. Sasha's thorough approach and attention to detail enabled me to learn the basics right away and I was performing as a DJ after only 3 classes! 2 months later I was playing parties, getting hired for gigs, and networking with other DJs, thanks to DJ4Life. I highly recommend this academy for new DJs that want to learn the basics or seasoned professionals that want to fine-tune their style. Thanks to Sasha and the staff at DJ4Life. You changed and enriched me, 4 life.
DJ Rubia. Link to this Review.

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