DJ Lessons For You from DJ4LIFE exclusively in the following locations: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, Seattle, Denver, New York City, Chicago, Sacramento, and Greater Phoenix Area !


Remember that night at the club when the music was so hot, you just had to dance?
Remember thinking, "Man, that looks like the greatest job around. I want to learn to do that!

At DJ4Life, we're ready to turn those dreams into reality.


What is in it for you ?

This program is designed for someone who has no prior experience in DJ'ing and wants to learn the basics. There is no special requirements to join as program is designed to fit any individual of any age or gender that wants to learn what DJ'ing is all about at his own pace with a private DJ tutor. Our tutors are carefully selected and work part-time. They must meet certain criterias and be known as a reputable local DJ's, with at least 50+ live performances.

Our private Sessions are structured to take a place at Instructor's home studio, at mutually agreed time, so you will learn in a relaxed atmosphere and in a place where actual DJ's train. Often this can be an area that is part of their living room space or patio or even a bedroom or basement.
These are real DJ's that find the time in their busy schedule to share the passion with pure beginners, so don't expect a classroom settings, that is not DJ4life program.
Sessions are designed to be no longer then 1.5 hours (90 min) and typically you will only need 4 sessions to master the basics and be on your own. Total price for all 4 sessions is $599 (Reg. $999) and it includes use of the equipment with the instructor at his home, and unlimited support, even after all the sessions are over. We build a relationships with our students and at anytime in the future if you need an advice or have a question we are there for you, there is a reason why we call ourselves, DJ4Life. Watch the video for a full description of what this program will do for you and we hope you will join us soon.

Instructor Spotlight (Available in Bay Area)


Learn to Dj with dj lessons from DJ4LIFE AcademyD:FUSE: DJ, drummer & producer, with over 10 artist albums, and more then 50 original releases, Lost Angeles Recordings label co-founder and an all around great and inspirational mentor !

According to famous Paul Oakenfold: “"D:Fuse represents what I admire most: he’ has worked hard for what he’ has acheived, he’ is a fantastic DJ and artist, he has a creative mind to understand the whole vibe. He makes a wonderful instructor in San Francisco BAY Area !


Watch our program overview and summary !

At DJ4LIFE, starting out is simple. You will click to register and pay, then you will receive a welcome email asking you about your schedule and it all begins with the first lesson !

Learn with DJ class from DJ4life

" The very nature of creativity is coming up with things that have never been tried before." Shelly Lazarus

Dj class and Dj lessons from dj4life
What Our DJ Students Say

I just finished my DJ4LIFE Level 1 classes and trust me, they felt like the best "rush" I could get. If you love music, what's a better aphrodisiac than mixing all of your favorite tunes together, sharing the love with people and passing on the energy to them? 

Charlotte, 23
San Francisco, USA

Because these are one-on-one classes, you get "all" the hands-on time and you get all the instructor's attention. If you have any questions, they get answered right away. Anytime you want a technique demonstrated, it's done.

Peter, 31
Miami, USA


DJ4LIFE has been so inspirational for me! you get experience with a real life DJ, I'm so happy with how experienced the instructors are and how willing they are to help you along with buying DJ equipment to any questions you have outside of the class. I couldn't have asked for more.

Wesley, 25
Los Angeles, CA