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At DJ4Life we strive for simple, effective instruction. We offer three different proficiency levels, including a hands-on opportunity to perform live. Classes can sometimes be moved to accommodate your schedule.

LEVEL 103: (Advanced): -The ultimate in dee-jaying (Putting it all together)
Revision and Final Test.
Arranging and composing a short set for your live performance.
Identifying and programming to diverse crowds.
Originality and developing your strengths. 
Students are required to complete a demo mix.
Marketing and Promotion tips: Creating a unique style. 
Networking, Social media. 
Being selective with promoters. 

Final Test Preparation. Live set. Regular $499. Register Now. (must completed level 102)

dj lessons

All DJ lessons are one-on-one in private settings or sometimes in a real club depending on location which means faster learning through individual attention, we only offer one-on-one because that is the only way to learn right.

DJ4LIFE is recognized as industry leading academy with expertise in Electronic Music (EDM), House, Progressive, Electro, Trance, Deep, Tech, Techno, Top 40s, Hip Hop, Mash Ups, Downtempo, Chill.

We provide all the latest DJ technology and equipment for you. We are proud to teach you digital technology so you can use the MP3 collection that you already have.

Best of all, DJ4life also offers students what no other DJ school can - a chance to play your mix live in a club! Not once but several times! DJ4LIFE also offers students DJ'ing opportunities in cities around the world!

Our lessons are offered in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Seattle, San Diego, New York City, Denver, Miami, Chicago, Sacramento, Philadelphia Scottsdale, Arizona and Yangon, Burma

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