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I just finished my Level 1 classes and trust me, they felt like the best "rush" I could get. If you love music, what's a better aphrodisiac than mixing all of your favorite tunes together, sharing the love with people and passing on the energy to them? 

Because these are one-on-one classes, you get "all" the hands-on time and you get all the instructor's attention. If you have any questions, they get answered right away. Anytime you want a technique demonstrated, it's done. I really appreciate having the opportunity to stand beside a talented DJ and observe how he does it.

Level 1 was a blast. I will certainly return for Level 2 and 3 after I purchase my own equipment!.


I was thoroughly pleased with my instruction at DJ4Life Academy. Tall Sasha and his teachers conduct 1:1 classes in a professional manner that combine state-of-the-art DJ techniques, personalized coaching, a hands-on approach, and a ton of fun. When I entered the class in November , I had never even touched a mixer and I barely knew what a CDJ was. All I knew was that I loved music and wanted to share it at a new level. Teacher's thorough approach and attention to detail enabled me to learn the basics right away and I was performing as a DJ after only 3 classes! 2 months later I was playing parties, getting hired for gigs, and networking with other DJs, thanks to DJ4Life. I highly recommend this academy for new DJs that want to learn the basics or seasoned professionals that want to fine-tune their style. Thanks to staff at DJ4Life. You changed and enriched me, 4 life. 
DJ Rubia

DJ4Life has been so inspirational for me! you get experience with a real life DJ and get hands on experience with real life club equipment that's actually used in clubs. I'm so happy with how experienced the instructors are and how willing they are to help you along with buying DJ equipment to any questions you have outside of the class. i couldn't have asked for more..

I would like to say thanks to DJ4LIFE Academy. I learned to become a DJ with very-easy-to-understand instructions from experienced DJ's.

I love this school. I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn how to DJ. There's no substitute for one on one DJ lessons from an experienced academy, if you want to learn how to DJ.

My wife and I took a series of classes from DJ D:Fuse in LA and I have to say - These guys are the BEST!  We learned so much in such a short amount of time.  DJ Fuse is patient and continues to encourage us as we work as professional wedding DJs for a living!  We are looking forward to signing up for the next level course this year.  Thanks again - you guys are the best!

DJ4Life will turn your dreams into reality.
I was a total beginner when I signed up for DJ4LIFE and after the sessions, I am now playing gigs and making mixes for all to hear!
This is truly a great community of music enthusiasts and DJs.
You will not be disappointed if you attend DJ4LIFE Academy.

Best investment. One-on-one training. Take you by the hand and Dj-by-the numbers. Great support network. Diverse backgrounds of the alumni. Like traveling to a different country every time we get together. Cheers!!!!!
Practice & Enjoy!!!!!

DJ4Life is an experience by itself. I signed up early this year, begun my lessons about a week after. My instructor made me feel comfortable with DJ'ing equipment, and he spent quality time teaching me beat matching, using the equipment, etc, just as described,,

It was also wonderful to be able to spin at local club as part of signing up for sessions. These guys organize their own events and I happen to be attending their annual school DJ4Life Anniversary party which takes place in different cities. I was able to connect with some really great folks, some of which I'm currently working with to plan my own events. 

Overall the platform and concept for the classes is awesome, how you take it from there and where you end up it is up to your own imagination, but these guys will truly help you.

If you are seriously into DJing and want to play somewhere besides your bedroom, then you should definitely attend DJ4Life Academy. DJ4Life, gave me the experience I needed..
To me DJing is not only about how good you play but I would say more about networking. Meeting new people in DJ4Life academy, expanding your network and getting your name out there are the biggest benefits of joining this academy. You can make good friends here, partner up with them and even throw your own parties and gigs.

I highly recommend joining DJ4Life, if you really want to play your music and become a real DJ!
DJ Mert

It's a great program! 
If you want to be a DJ, this is definitely a shortcut. However, if you just want to have a peek and get to know what DJ is about but do not necessarily want to dive deep into the scene, there are plenty of options you can try and they are fun! -

At first I thought this class is expensive, but come on, you probably pay more to learn Spanish or have a massage done with the same money for one hour - that's why I vote the price range to be moderate. However, if you really want to save, grab a friend to take the class with you for "DJ4Life friends" class, so you can cut down your price to half but have a cool study buddy.

DJ4LIFE has opened so many doors for me, and opening those doors were the best things that had happen to me. It gave me opportunities to work with other people, DJ's, venue's.
DJ4LIFE  will satisfied your need for music and bring you into a world that you will never forget. You'll experience everything that you have ever been curious about the music industry or just being a DJ.
As others may have said DJ4LIFE  will not disappoint you.

When I initially moved here, I realized within a short few months I wanted to take my hobbyist DJ skills to another level.  DJ4Life Academy was the first site that came up in my search;.

First off, the cost of the class is very reasonable considering both what you learn in such a short amount of time and that you are not locked into a whole semester for some sort of certification costing well over a thousand.

My first session was very productive. Instructor's are local DJ's who teach part time, and the ones I worked with are very detailed and patient but also great at keeping you focused on the crucial activities for quickly improving your skills. Just from the initial session my mixes were already much more fluid and tight between tracks. When working with Sasha you also realize he is a sincere person and genuinely passionate about the art and helping others to reach their full potential. After my second and third session I was completely hooked and it became apparent how Sasha (Tall) has the ability to ignite the energy in a crowd of over 40,000 people! I was finally confident with my beat-mapping and programming skills to play live.


One of the unique experiences that DJ4Life offers you is the ability to play live. Personally, my first live performance with DJ4Life was an awesome experience that has only since catapulted my passion for Djing and I have had several performances since. Currently, I am working on some international venues for next year and planning to go for broke!!


DJ4Life, an entire community of really solid people that motivate and inspire each other to get better and better. I have already met several friends that I actually mix with monthly. In addition, DJ4life's founder, Tall Sasha is an experienced business man that can also help you with some solid concepts on how to market yourself and engage in setting up venues at a local or international level. Just stay in touch with them and sky is the limit.

In a quick summary, DJ4Life offers the full spectrum of becoming a solid DJ to promoting yourself and playing in venues you never thought possible. I highly recommend DJ4Life!!


Let me first preface with the reason why I initially went to the DJ4Life academy - to take my undying passion for house music outside the confines of my apartment and into into the world(well, San Francisco first) and ride the adventure as long as physically possible. 

Considering I had no prior experience playing live(just small groups of friends I would fully solicit to play for), I really needed someone who could mentor me and help educate me with all the technical intricacies based on their experience...

I've been through levels II and III; playing live in front of a group of people is like jumping out of an airplane... you can't fully understand until you experience it yourself.. I'm completely hooked :)

I would definitely recommend DJ4Life for anyone interested in pursuing DJ'ing for the love of music or taking it to the next level.

Thanks DJ4Life !

Dj lessons, seattle, san francisco, los angeles, las vegas, miami

DJ4LIFE is recognized as industry leading academy with expertise in Electronic Dance Music (EDM), Progressive, Electro, Deep, Tech House, Techno, Trance, Breaks, Downtempo, Chill.

We provide all the latest DJ technology and equipment for you. We are proud to teach you digital technology so you can use the MP3 collection that you already have.

Best of all, DJ4life also offers students what no other DJ school can - a chance to play your mix live in a club! Not once but several times! DJ4LIFE also offers students DJ'ing opportunities in cities around the world!

Our lessons are offered in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Seattle, San Diego, New York City, Denver, Miami, Chicago, Sacramento, Philadelphia Scottsdale, Arizona and Yangon, Burma

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